Grace Cross

Mixed Media/Textile Artist

“Nonrepresentational in form, each of my artworks is a personal vocabulary of marks reflecting Texture as the primary focus; creating layered mixed media/textile artworks with a fusion of rusting, fibres, fabric, paper, acrylics, stitching, gold leaf, beading and/or embellishments.

My artistic process is intuitive, layering colour, texture and marks on the surface. My choices are made instinctively, culminating in textural elements that provide focal points within the composition.”

Grace is an awarded and accomplished textile artist with a Bachelor’s Degree from the USA in Textile Design. After a 30+ year successful career as a Visual Art Educator she has now gone on to win various awards in several Brisbane Art prizes and selected juried exhibitions for her mixed media/textile works. 

Grace accepts commissions based on her artworks and conducts Textile Workshops in a variety of Mixed Media/Textile techniques, including Rust Dyeing &Printing, printmaking and surface decoration on fabric and paper.

Her work may be viewed by appointment at her gallery, Naracoopa, in Bracken Ridge from January 2020 onwards.


mobile: 0412147456


Instagram: @gracecrosstextileartist

Facebook: Grace Cross Textile Artist