Easter Art Show 2021 Results

Best in Show The Centurion By The Sandgate Foreshore

David Cross
Judges comments: Very good! We love the ideas, especially like the way the reflections are handled! Palette and overall composition carries the story for the viewer.

1st Place 2D The Weeper

Grace Cross
Judges comments: we felt this piece had real emotion across the Work – both literally in the imagery but also in the stitching and textures that the Artist created the emotion in it. It is a clear favourite in the 2D. It’s quite special.

2nd Place 2D The Fruit

Olga Kuznetsova
Judges comments: Very good work, the vibrant palette and overall composition of the painting hang together – the treatment of the background and foreground give a unique approach to the capture of ‘still life’ the movement in the fruit gives a liveliness to the Work.

3rd Place 2D Nanna’s Funny Face

Marie Smith
Judges comments:
Love the hands especially. We felt this was an emotive Work that really reflected an observation of a loved Nanna in all her glory – very painterly and great story telling.

1st Place 3D  Rabbit Proof Fence

Grace Cross
Judges comments: Definitely this is really emotive and thoughtful Work …. we both love the colours and materials, small nuances that are fitting with the title and concept – looks great when displayed spread out.

2nd Place 3D  Fly Me A Dream 

Russell Solomon
Judges comments: Fascinating and a delicate work that stands out in the Entries for the light and balance that is created.

3rd Place 3D Ibis  

Marie Smith
Judges comments: The material used for this piece is totally symbolic, significant in a way given the fact that these birds are renown for their recycling nature – and appropriately the simple little plinth challenged us and then felt appropriate as a piece of the recycling – so we felt this deserved a place in the sun!

1st Place Photo/Digital Detritus

Linda Neil
Judges comments: It caught our eye yesterday and is still a favourite piece in the ‘Show’  and a clear-cut favourite in this category. It has a wonderful ephemeral feeling. Very sensitive and emotional work.

2nd Place Photo/Digital Sticks

Judy Langley
Judges comments: the tonal balance that the artist/photographer had worked into this piece along with the synergy of the reflections and water make this an inviting image – seducing the eye to continue exploring and discovering the details of the Work.

3rd Place Photo/Digital  The Summer Became The Fall 

Grace Cross
Judges comments: We both loved the treatment of this piece – the softness and yet strong textural quality transcends the original image and brings out the elements of the story for the viewer.

Trevor Proud Encouragement Award NightJar

Beverley Masters
Judges comments: This is a different take on a ‘Bird’ painting – so a freshness that catches the eye as well as the texture and story of the bird in it’s habitat – well captured!